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No application fees, co-signers, collateral, origination fees or pre-payment penalties. Your job is your credit. 
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Installment Loans

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Installment loans are repaid over time by a fixed number of regular payments combining principal and simple interest.

Mortgage loans, student and car loans are all good examples of installment loans.

Brother Loan & Finance installment loans are similar in structure to mortgages, student loans, car loans and are mostly used to cover everyday emergencies.

Our loans offer a very simple and easy to remember format: fixed dollar payments, and a defined pay off date.

Why pick an installment loan over a payday or title loan? That's easy!

Brother Loan & Finance installment loans offer better terms and are more affordable than payday and title loans. This is important when borrowing responsibly and maintaining a budget.

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As consumers, we can borrow more money on an installment loan than on a standard payday loan

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Payday and title loans usually are due very quickly, mostly by your next paycheck

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Payday and title loans are 4 times more expensive on average than traditional installment loans

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